Heated • Power Flow • 1 hr

This fast paced hot power flow yoga class will light your fire and ignite your soul. Class consists of empowering music, intelligent sequencing and hands on assists designed to open and strengthen your mind & body. Expect to feel inspired, grounded and powerful! Class is heated.


Non-heated • Power Flow • 1hr
This is the warm version of our HOT VIBE5 class. Temperature is set to around 80 degrees and heat is not run during practice. Expect the same challenging and uplifting flow as our HOT VIBE5 classes but with a focus on building your own internal heat!


Non-heated • Deep Stretch • 1hr

In Deep Vibes, you will hold a series of deep stretch yoga postures that will open and release tightness and tension. Longer holds promote flexibility beneath the muscule's surface to reach into connective tissue and joints. This class will leave you bo­dy and mind.


Non-heated • Basics • Slow Flow • 1hr

For those new to the mat or for those just wanting to get back to their foundation, our New Vibes classes are where you will explore the fundamentals of yoga poses and vinyasa flow. You will learn to connect your breath to your movements at an intentional, yet moderate pace. Class is non-heated.



Non-heated • Weights • Core • 1hr

Our signature strength training class builds muscle and endurance. Using bodyweight exercises, resistance bands, gliders and dumbbells for an intense full-body workout (w/modifications given), you will build muscle through functional movements and endurance through cardio intervals. Expect to feel empowered, strong and energized. Class is non-heated. Shoes recommended.


At a time when we are seeing an extreme rise in teenage anxiety due to increased social, academic, and athletic pressure, we encourage teens to come and find a safe place on their mats. Integrating postures, breath, and mindfulness; our instructors help teens strengthen their bodies while learning the importance of self acceptance on and off the mat. Teens, ages 13 and up, are welcome in all of our classes at Vibes (New Vibes is non-heated) where they will be afforded the space to learn,  find stillness, connection and have fun. Teens under 18 must have parent waiver.


Vibes is dedicated to uplifting the community around us through initiatives that give back, inspire culture and enhance the city we love. We also know how important it is to incorporate fitness and wellness into a symbiotic work-life balance. At Vibes, we partner with corporations throughout the Charlotte market to offer customized and private classes based on individual corporate needs. We also offer competitive corporate rates. Please call the studio 704.362.3311 if your company is interested in our corporate offerings or if you are a non-profit looking to host a class or partner with us.